Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Learning Japanese - Ohaiyo!

One of the languanges I'm interested in learning is Japanese.


There are few lessons we should go through to be an expert!
First step is to familiarize Hiragana.

Basically there are 5 vowels in the Japanese language:

[ a ] pronounced as "aa"
[ i ] pronounced as "ee" or as "e" in "eat"
[ u ] pronounced as "oo" in "soon"
[ e ] pronounced as "e" in "elk"
[ o ] pronounced as "o" in "more"

But that's not all! Shall continue again for the next post. Stay tuned! :D

Teaching with Passion

Have been giving tuition to primary kids and I'm loving it.

Education is important, yes? But there're so many things we teachers should take note other than just teaching from textbooks!

Take a look at those videos. :)